When registering and booking, please provide as much information about yourself. This helps to ensure that we get you all set up.


**Group Classes are dependent upon at least 3 enrollments. 

*Registration fee £16.50 includes; your first lesson (trial lesson) to help you to make an informed commitment. 


Tuition Prices

Individual tuition

20-minute lesson £17.00

30-minutes lesson £23.00

Terms and conditions

All Female Guitar Group Tuition

40-minute lesson £xx.xx

Terms and conditions


**Group Tuition

50-minute lesson £18.50


Terms & Conditions

Please carefully read all of our terms and conditions.

Term commitments only

*The one-off non-refundable Registration Fee of £16.50 that covers the cost of teacher recruitment, interviewing and reference checking. In addition, it covers the 24-hour access to your pupil portal account. 


Family Discounts*

We are happy to offer a 5% discount on the termly fees to families;

2 or more siblings or parent and child.

*Terms and conditions

Once the Registration Fee payment is received and your account is established 

you will receive more detailed information on how you can pay for a full term of lesson